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Living Room

Innovative Process, Timeless Design 

We believe that the design process should be collaborative and fun, leading to a home that is both functional and beautiful. Mae Proper Interiors offers a range of services to help bring your unique style to life.


With our talented trade partners we can help you take your project from concept to real life. We can uncover the years of hidden potential in any space and transform it with thoughtful design that reflects your individual tastes and lifestyle.

New Construction

As the designer, we are your guide and advocate in creating timeless, enduring spaces.  We work closely with builders and architects from inception through installation. 

Space Planning

Whether you're struggling on selecting a paint color or laying out your living room with new furnishings, we can guide you. Our goal is to create a harmonious environment for people to live and play – designed just for you.


Offering design solutions nationwide. Our E-Design services provides you with a convenient, virtual approach to designing your space from the comfort of your home. 


Our Process

Phase I 

Phase II 

Phase III

Our design process starts with you. We understand the importance of creating a home that is a perfect reflection of you and your family. We start by deep diving into your unique lifestyle to learn about your home and everyday living. From there, we will build a storyboard tailored to your project that will pull inspiration together to gather a vision for the space.


We then prepare a detailed design visual for review, ensuring that it reflects our client's goals. We then collaboratively work to refine the furnishings, fixtures, cabinetry, lighting, and every detail that will complete the finished space.

Design Development

During space planning projects, we will export our visuals into a broken down shopping list to be purchased with either the support from a designer or at our clients leisure. For new construction or renovation projects, we will work closely with our contractors and suppliers to execute and complete the project in a timely and orderly fashion. 


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